WhatsApp: So you recognize if a contact blocked you may

WhatsApp: So you recognize if a contact blocked you may

If the intelligence service WhatsApp a USER_PROFILE.LABEL_CHAT unresponsive, he may fall asleep in the dead zone, or he has other reasons for his inaction. Find out if you may have blocked the person! We introduce you to a few tips to WhatsApp-sleuth. A 100% guarantee for the success of the detective work does not exist but.

Road and off hook

There are several ways to find out if you have blocked a contact in WhatsApp. But since according to applicable data protection regulations of the intelligence service’s privacy blocking chat partner must be preserved, WhatsApp may give any details about it. We show how you can estimate the blocking based on good interesting clues.

Have you sent a message to the person and it is only a hook in the chat window? Undelivered messages acknowledged WhatsApp usually with a second tick. A return message will remain off if you blocked the receiver. No clear indication for a block: The service could be carried out in case of doubt, even without the second hook.

Best indication: the time stamp

Opens in app a chat box and look at the upper edge. Under the profile picture often is the date (“last seen …”), when the person has been using the messaging service. Or in plain type “online”. Those missing such information the contact has perhaps not have Internet access, do not use the service for longer to complete, the disabled in the settings – or blocked you.

Also, the profile picture can provide information about the “relationship status”. Modified a contact image, genuine friends of the new avatar will be displayed. If in spite of the image change in your view everything as it was, so the previous profile picture, you the person may be locked out.

Going through the group chat

WhatsApp has no tolerance when blockers are to be invited into group chats. Try it out: Opens in the “Chats” -Overview the menu and tap on “New Group”. Then you can group a picture and assign a name. With “Next”, it goes to the next step. Here, group members with the “+” – symbol assigned.

Adds contacts to the group by posting each turn sets a hook. Then tap “Done” and typing optionally other names of WhatsApp users on the following screen. With “Create” now only still complete the process and create the group. If you at least one invitee has actually blocked, WhatsApp spits out an error message. How about “Could not add XY person.”


*It is not possible to find out with absolute certainty whether you a WhatsApp contact has blocked – only circumstantial

*Send the person a message. Appears in the message permanently no second hook, this is suspicious

*If the chat window below the profile picture an indication of the Online status, you have the person probably is not blocked

*Even if you can detect a change in the profile picture, you is not on the blacklist

*Blockers can not add to group chats – WhatsApp then reacts with a message window

Note: if you want to get access to someones whatsapp you can click the link and you will be able to hack any whatsapp nuber¬†easily. but this is for educational purposes only, please don’t use it to harm anyone.