Save money finding good rooms to stay

Finding cheap accommodation is a sport in which many of us regularly engage, and we all have our “small technical” tips we use to find the rare pearl.

Since this is my case now, and since I have become a “specialist” since I am in my ninth house, I wanted to share with you the methods I use to find an room for rent, at the best price !

Use modern tools to find an inexpensive hotels

If you have a picture of a person with a big folder under his arm in real estate agency that real estate agency in a strict no no. And this is probably not the best way to find an apartment today! Use coupons from oyorooms to find everything you are looking for.

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I’m not saying that it is no longer possible to find an apartment or hotel by the “traditional” way, but if you want to put the odds on your side, it is best to create alerts and saved searches on all search sites.

Since you are no longer limited to a date or time of publication of a newspaper, do not hesitate to check every hour.

The iPhone / iPad / Android

This is the corollary of the first point, if you go through the internet and you have a smartphone / tablet: do not hesitate to use the “push” it to alert you to the arrival of a new coupon. They also allow you to always carry your ad watch list / Remember, you’re at home, outdoors, at work.

Google maps / street-view

Again, the magic of the internet: Instead of waiting for the day of the visit to see what kind of a neighborhood or building that interests you, you can directly from your computer or smartphone. A quick glance will give you certainly not a definitive idea but already well on the head of the building you are visiting, so you can detect any disappointments (rarely highlighted in the ads) and make the around the neighborhood to see if it matches your criteria / tastes.

Scanner / Printer

Rather than making copies of your files, I advise you to digitize everything in a dedicated folder on your computer. You can then generate a click X folders for X hotels you are planning on staying

Some agencies come (finally) to digital and you will not even need to print the file but just the email, which is simpler, faster and avoids you to move!

Revealing the hidden / indirect costs and think in total annual Cost

The mistake we all make when we try to find a place to stay is to focus on the cost “raw” the rent, or some other criteria come into play and can make a big difference in the end:

The Charges

Be careful as to attract shoppers, some owners / agencies inform a price excluding charges and these can be very high especially if the building has a caretaker, a lift, a garden and above all central heating . For example, I recently visited an place with 2000 daily charges fees or nearly 20% of the total! So take good account of the hidden costs in your calculations.

Apartments instead of hotels

If you plan on an extended stay at a place then i recommend to rent an apartment than stay at a hotel.The main advantage of staying at an apartment is the failure to pay high fees for longer stay, so if possible try to go through this path.


Moving expenses:

Find an apartment rental at a cost: you have not only direct costs such as renting a van / truck for transport to see go through a company movers, but also indirect costs as a reinstatement of apartment as you leave, termination of your various subscriptions may result in charges, forwarding your mail to your new address etc.

Remember to consider all these costs into your final equation.

WhatsApp: So you recognize if a contact blocked you may

WhatsApp: So you recognize if a contact blocked you may

If the intelligence service WhatsApp a USER_PROFILE.LABEL_CHAT unresponsive, he may fall asleep in the dead zone, or he has other reasons for his inaction. Find out if you may have blocked the person! We introduce you to a few tips to WhatsApp-sleuth. A 100% guarantee for the success of the detective work does not exist but.

Road and off hook

There are several ways to find out if you have blocked a contact in WhatsApp. But since according to applicable data protection regulations of the intelligence service’s privacy blocking chat partner must be preserved, WhatsApp may give any details about it. We show how you can estimate the blocking based on good interesting clues.

Have you sent a message to the person and it is only a hook in the chat window? Undelivered messages acknowledged WhatsApp usually with a second tick. A return message will remain off if you blocked the receiver. No clear indication for a block: The service could be carried out in case of doubt, even without the second hook.

Best indication: the time stamp

Opens in app a chat box and look at the upper edge. Under the profile picture often is the date (“last seen …”), when the person has been using the messaging service. Or in plain type “online”. Those missing such information the contact has perhaps not have Internet access, do not use the service for longer to complete, the disabled in the settings – or blocked you.

Also, the profile picture can provide information about the “relationship status”. Modified a contact image, genuine friends of the new avatar will be displayed. If in spite of the image change in your view everything as it was, so the previous profile picture, you the person may be locked out.

Going through the group chat

WhatsApp has no tolerance when blockers are to be invited into group chats. Try it out: Opens in the “Chats” -Overview the menu and tap on “New Group”. Then you can group a picture and assign a name. With “Next”, it goes to the next step. Here, group members with the “+” – symbol assigned.

Adds contacts to the group by posting each turn sets a hook. Then tap “Done” and typing optionally other names of WhatsApp users on the following screen. With “Create” now only still complete the process and create the group. If you at least one invitee has actually blocked, WhatsApp spits out an error message. How about “Could not add XY person.”


*It is not possible to find out with absolute certainty whether you a WhatsApp contact has blocked – only circumstantial

*Send the person a message. Appears in the message permanently no second hook, this is suspicious

*If the chat window below the profile picture an indication of the Online status, you have the person probably is not blocked

*Even if you can detect a change in the profile picture, you is not on the blacklist

*Blockers can not add to group chats – WhatsApp then reacts with a message window

Note: if you want to get access to someones whatsapp you can click the link and you will be able to hack any whatsapp nuber easily. but this is for educational purposes only, please don’t use it to harm anyone.

Five Amazing Tips For FIFA 16 You Must Know

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In our FIFA 16 review could already read that the pace of the gameplay is lower compared to previous parts, and that is certainly getting used to and switch. Last year it was much easier to play without the ball that you had to make your pressure to the opponent, but in FIFA 16 the fighting became more intense and more physical. But still want to keep playing the tiki-taka game of Barcelona in FIFA 16, then these tips can help you.


Patience is a virtue

Because the pace in FIFA 16 is much lower, it is important to be patient and be precise when playing around with the ball. In FIFA 16 it is no longer easy to Cristiano Ronaldo in the defense to cut your own to shoot the ball after hard into the roof of the goal when you play as in FIFA 16 will hope games lost. You should proceed patiently and look for a hole for a through ball at the perfect speed.


Another point where the developers of EA Sports FIFA 16 have paid attention to it Middelveld. In FIFA 16 midfielders are in fact less static, but you have to know how to make optimal use of it. Pass-and-go keeps the ball forward quicker with your fellow players, and players will also be much more moving. But it takes even more energy, so you must continue to alternate with normal passes. The pass-and-go “function works with the following combinations: RB + A (Xbox One) and R1 + X (PlayStation 4).


FIFA 16 is running no longer just for the attack, but to the entire team, including emerging backs. These are not only useful to stop the attack of the opponent, but can also go over the winger and surprise your opponent. Note that you do not clumsy loses the ball in the attack, as counters in FIFA 16 are more deadly than ever.


The lobes of a ball is also in FIFA 16 is still a good idea, but look before you start first at the statistics of your players. Because FIFA 16 has become a lot more physical it is important that you have strong attackers when you try a lob goes so that he can keep the opponent himself.

Foster talent

In compiling your FIFA 16 team, it is important to create a good mix. Does your team for example from a midfielder with great footballing qualities, but a low speed, it is wise to add a faster and fysiekere player to the midfield. In addition, it seems the Dutch 4-3-3 in FIFA 16 to be less effective, because the striker all alone must fight without connecting an attacking midfielder. Our advice is to opt for a 4-3-1-2 formation, here I am online and offline most matches won it.

FIFA 16 is now available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you want to play this game flawlessly, you will surely required a good tutorial on how to get unlimited fifa 16 coins and points free .